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Yoga considers mind and the prevailing thoughts to be composed of matter. Through the practice of mental concentration (dharana) one can understand the science of yoga. Once skilled at this practice of performing yoga, one begins to learn to manipulate and unfold the mysteries of nature.

The first step to performing Yoga is to still and calm the mind, hence achieving the strengthening of ones body and mind. If one is able to still ones mind one can feel the spiritual power within (which is developed by practicing Yoga through Ayurvedic standards), and it is the power of yogic concentration.

Principles of Yoga

Parmhans Swami Rajinderji Maharaj defined Eight Principles of Yoga as:

  • abstention (yama)
  • Observance (niyama)
  • Posture (asana)
  • ordinance of breath (pranayama)
  • detachment of Senses (pratyahara)
  • Concentration (dharana)
  • Meditation (dhyana)
  • A state of Super Consciousness (samadhi)

Swami Rajinderji Maharaj'S Five Principles of Yoga are as:

  • Proper relaxation
    • Eases tension in the muscles
    • Relinquishes one of all his worries
    • Conservation energy
  • Proper exercise
    • Yoga postures - different for different kinds of people. Should be performed as per ones body constitution.
    • Yogic Proper Consultation with an Ayurvedic Expert is a must.
    • Correct postures of body works magnificently on all parts of the body. It stretches and tones the muscles, ligaments, and joints. Keeping the spine and the joints flexible, it also improves blood circulation.
  • Proper breathing (pranayama)
    • Brings extraordinary balance and realization in the consciousness levels of a person.
    • When properly done with the consultation of an Ayurvedic Expert, teaches one to control ones mental state by regulating the flow of the force governing ones life (breath).
  • Proper diet
    • Chart out a well-nourished balanced diet.
    • Keeps the body light and supple and the mind calm.
    • Resists ailments.
  • Positive Thinking & Meditation
    • Eliminates negative vibes, thoughts, and emotions. Calms the mind. Ultimately, one reaches a state of super-consciousness. A state, that is beyond the realms of thought, time, space and causation and their worries.