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Psoraheb Capsule

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Psoraheb Capsule

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Completely herbo-mineral medicine especially for the patients of psoriasis. Also effective in eczemas, lichen simplex and other chronic skin problems.

Packing: 30 Capsules



Psoraheb Capsule is a combination of herbal ingredients which significantly controls psoriasis and other skin diseases. Psoraheb capsule reduces the itchy skin, scaling, lesions, red, thick patchy and slivery scales.This safe & natural combination effectively controls the re-occurrence of symptoms. Along with physical symptoms, Psoraheb Capsule also alleviates the stress level of person. It reduces the emotional stress and improves body immunity.

Psoraheb Capsule is a natural and safe way to eradicate psoriasis and other skin diseases.


Each 500mg capsule contains

Ingredients Qty
Cassia tora 125mg
Embelia ribes 75mg
Curcuma longa 50mg
Cassia fistula 50mg
Piper longum 50mg
Berberis aristata 100mg
Saussurea lappa 50mg


1-2 capsules twice a day with water.


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