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Sacha Janam Ghutti

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Sacha Janam Ghutti

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It is Beneficial for babies, it enhances the digestive ability and improves all gastric problems.

Packing: 60ml



“Sacha Janam ghutti” syrup is made especially for your child. Children’s bodies need special attention and care. We’ve made this syrup to be safe for your child with mild herbs in child-size amounts that will help relax your child’s digestive system, by soothing occasional indigestion, gas or stomach upset.

The wisdom of generations has been merged with modern scientific methods to create a Syrup that will help ease your child’s stomachache, Gastric Problems and enhaces the digestion ability and very beneficial in babies.


Each 10ml syrup contains:

Ingredients Qty
Zingiber officinale 50mg
Piper nigrum 150mg
Terminalia chebula 300mg
Cassia fistula 100mg
Foeniculum vulgare 100mg
Lasora 100mg
Mentha piperita 100mg
Soyabean 100mg
Trachyspermum ammi 50mg
Embelia ribes 50mg
Zizyphus savita 25mg
Amomum subulatum 50mg
Cassia angustifolia 50mg
Asphaltum 100mg
Glycyrrhiza glabra 100mg
Water QS


1-3 Months - 1ml ( 20 drops ) Two - Three time in a day.
3-6 Months - 1/2 TSF Two-Three time in a day.  
7 & Above Months - 1 TSF Two-Three time in a day.

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