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Sacha Amalki Capsule

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Sacha Amalki Capsule

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Useful in Hyper Acidity& Tonic.

Packing: 60 Capsules



Natural Herb for Digestion

Sacha Amalki Capsules are considered to be a wonder herb that is comprehensively used by ayurvedic physicians to treat various disorders. Though it is widely used as a laxative, but there are certain secrets about Sacha Amalki. It is not just a laxative but is considered to be a powerful body stimulant that helps promote health and assist in managing overall conditions of the body. It helps to detoxify and cleanse our body to rejuvenate all the body organs and thus may help in making it young and energetic. It helps maintain healthy blood circulation.


  • Helps to promote good colon health. Helps in removing toxins from the body & increase the energy
  • Helps to accelerate cleansing activities in the digestive system against gas, bloating, constipation
  • Helps to provide overall support for the digestive functions


Each 500mg capsule contains:

Ingredients Qty
Emblica Officinalis 500mg


2 capsules twice a day with warm water.


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