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Fresh 'N' Glow Cream

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Fresh 'N' Glow Cream

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Helps in Rejuvenation of skin & Wrinkles. An intensive natural night repair skin cream to prevent signs of premature skin ageing.Premature ageing is a growing problem, and several of us are in desperate need of an effective anti-ageing formula! Fresh N Glow Cream comes to the rescue. It’s infused with complexion enhancing plant extracts and beauty oils, along with the antioxidant properties of almonds, apricots and wheat germ.

Packing: 25gms




The powerful micronutrients that are present in this cream help to combat the effects of oxidation on your body's cells, which result in premature signs of ageing. The Soy lecithin content restores the elasticity of your skin by stimulating collagen biosynthesis, helping to reduce fine lines, and tightening and lifting sagging skin.

Skin Type: Recommended for normal to dry wrinkle prone skin.

Key Feature

  • Hypo-allergenic with 100% natural herbal actives
  • Rejuvenates ageing skin
  • Reverse the effects of UV damage
  • Has antioxidant properties of almonds, apricots and wheat germ
  • Certified by Ministry of health.


Each 100gm Contains:

Ingredients Qty
Triticum sataivum 0.5gm
Santalum album 2.0gm
Aloe vera 2.0gm
Distt. Water 33gm
Kooth Karwi 10gm
Almond Powder 45gm
Multani Mitti 2.5gm
Vach 3.0gm
Lodher 1.0gm
Neem 1.0gm

Directions for Use

Use every night with the first signs of premature aging.


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